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    Not just an ordinary walk in the park. I know each dog individually. A well suited pack of dogs is able to run leash free, happily socializing and frolicking with their pack members. Often we play with the Chuckit, Frisbee or soccer ball. The dogs learn to share toys with this activity. As well, they get more stimulation and exercise with this group play. Basic commands are rewarded and fresh water is always available. During inclement weather, (such as heat waves and extreme cold) walks are shortened for the safety of the dogs. Also for the safety of the pack, all dogs must have proof of current vaccinations, be neutered or spayed, and be screened to ensure they are neither non-aggressive nor possessive, and can play well with others.
    from $27* / walk (single dog)
    from $45* / walk (2 dogs, in the same household)

    *Subject to availability.

    Make you home looked lived in while you are away. Some Insurance companies will not honour a claim if the house hasn’t been attended during your absence. Watering plants, putting out garbage bins, bringing in mail, and generally making your house looked lived in can keep burglars away.
    from $25 / visit
    When you go away, leaving your cat(s) at home is more comforting to your friend than boarding in a strange environment. A cat visit includes fresh food and water, plus litter scooping, TLC or some brushing if your cat is amenable. This service also includes small critters such as geckos, rabbits and birds. Big or small your four legged critter or feathered friend will receive fresh food, fresh water, treats and any attention you feel will make your critter feel comfortable.
    from $27 / visit
    For those with a new puppy that need a helping hand while you are at work. A house visit can be arranged to let your puppy out in your backyard to do their 'business'. Helps house train the dog and avoid accidents. During this time your puppy will receive lots and lots of praise to reinforce the all important housebreaking.
    from $25 / visit

    What Clients Say


    We don’t know what we would do without Larissa and her services. Our dogs eagerly wait for her arrival and sometimes wonder if their excitement is greater for that than when we arrive home ! We have the utmost trust in Larissa’s care of our dogs and highly recommend her to those who are looking for high quality pet services.

    Lucy, Gwen and Family

    WE LOVE LARISSA!! That’s all we really need to say!!
    Larissa has been walking Abby for 10 years. Abby runs to the door as soon as she hears the garage door go up or sees the truck pull into the driveway. Abby is well taken care of during her walks and we often get a written wellness note should Larissa notice something out of character with her. We love getting pictures of her during the walks too from time to time. Larissa is extremely reliable and takes her job seriously even in the extreme cold or heat. She is affectionate with Abby and is also accomodating with her scheduling. Larissa is very careful with her selection of dogs to walk making sure that the new dog will fit into the group, as well as making sure the other dogs will be safe too. Anyone who decides to bring Larissa into their pet’s life, has chosen well and will not be disappointed.

    Abby and Family

    We have known Larissa for close to 18 years. During that time we have worked with her utilizing both, dog and home care. Her services are excellent and she does her work in the most profesional and caring way. She is very reliable and communicates with us regularly when we are out of town.

    She has looked after our dogs (which are our kids to us) and we trust her implicitly. She often sends pictures of them having fun.

    When we go away, she looks after our house making our holiday relaxing and worry free. She will take care of plants, mail, garbage, etc. And will keep us up to date making sure we know everything is okay.

    Larissa is family to us and we can always depend on her.

    Chico and family

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