What Clients Say

  • Meggie and Family

    We have been with Auntie Larissa since Meggie was a puppy. Meggie is now 8 years old and we feel that part of the reason she is so well-adjusted is because of the time she has spent with Larissa and her many dog friends. Meggie is always so excited to go on her walks and comes home happy and tired. Larissa has become a very important part of our family.

  • Scout and Family

    Larissa has taken care of my dogs for the past 15 years. First when she was the owner of Home Buddies where we boarded our dogs countless times. Next to help out with “pee breaks” during the day for my older dogs and for the past 4 years as a dog walker for Scout, my active Border Collie.

    Most importantly, Scout adores Larissa. She takes him out with her pack three days a week, and Scout comes home stimulated and well-exercised. Scout has learned how to manage being in a pack and in close quarters with other dogs in the back of her truck. Border Collies have unique personalities and Larissa manages his quirks like a professional dog trainer. Scout is a better dog because of his time with Larissa. Larissa is punctual, reliable and trustworthy.

    If Larissa has a spot for your dog in her schedule, grab it while you can. In my opinion, Larissa is the best dog walker in Etobicoke. I am a big walker, and I have seen many dog walkers in action. There is no comparison with Larissa, who is head and shoulders above the rest.

  • Kahlua and Family

    Larissa has been a part of our family since the day we brought Kahlua home. He is now 6 years old and continues to race to the door when Larissa arrives. This, to us, is a true demonstration of how well Larissa cares for and loves our family dog.

    When we were trying to determine if we could fit a dog into our busy lives, we reached out to a number of pet services. Larissa responded quickly and professionally – having as many questions for us as we did for her. We quickly learnt that Larissa wanted to ensure our family dog was treated as well as we wanted him handled. It was a perfect match… with her love for animals mixed with professionalism and flexibility.

    As we consider a second dog in our lives, we do this knowing that Larissa will be a key component to making it all manageable… from the puppy stage all the way through to keeping a adult dog happy.

    We are happy to answer any questions.

  • Georgie, Sheldon and family

    We have been fortunate for 15 years to have Larissa provide dog walking services for our pups. There is nothing they look forward to more than to see her truck pull into our driveway. Whether it was Cosmo or Georgie or Sheldon, Larissa has provided a safe, reliable and loving outlet for them to play with other dogs outdoors. Like the postman, nether rain or snow keeps Larissa from walking our dogs. Proof of that is when Larissa sends us pictures of the pups on their walk. My wife and I highly recommend Larissa for any of the services she provides which include dog walks and home checks.

  • Angelo and family

    Larissa has been looking after our cat and house for more than 12 years and is completely reliable and responsible in all aspects of her work.

    I would recommend her services to anyone who cares deeply about the safety and well being of their pet and the security of their home and garden.

  • Chico and family

    We have known Larissa for close to 18 years. During that time we have worked with her utilizing both, dog and home care. Her services are excellent and she does her work in the most profesional and caring way. She is very reliable and communicates with us regularly when we are out of town.

    She has looked after our dogs (which are our kids to us) and we trust her implicitly. She often sends pictures of them having fun.

    When we go away, she looks after our house making our holiday relaxing and worry free. She will take care of plants, mail, garbage, etc. And will keep us up to date making sure we know everything is okay.

    Larissa is family to us and we can always depend on her.

  • Abby and Family

    WE LOVE LARISSA!! That’s all we really need to say!!
    Larissa has been walking Abby for 10 years. Abby runs to the door as soon as she hears the garage door go up or sees the truck pull into the driveway. Abby is well taken care of during her walks and we often get a written wellness note should Larissa notice something out of character with her. We love getting pictures of her during the walks too from time to time. Larissa is extremely reliable and takes her job seriously even in the extreme cold or heat. She is affectionate with Abby and is also accomodating with her scheduling. Larissa is very careful with her selection of dogs to walk making sure that the new dog will fit into the group, as well as making sure the other dogs will be safe too. Anyone who decides to bring Larissa into their pet’s life, has chosen well and will not be disappointed.

  • Lucy, Gwen and Family

    We don’t know what we would do without Larissa and her services. Our dogs eagerly wait for her arrival and sometimes wonder if their excitement is greater for that than when we arrive home ! We have the utmost trust in Larissa’s care of our dogs and highly recommend her to those who are looking for high quality pet services.