14 Aug

Larissa has been a part of our family since the day we brought Kahlua home. He is now 6 years old and continues to race to the door when Larissa arrives. This, to us, is a true demonstration of how well Larissa cares for and loves our family dog.

When we were trying to determine if we could fit a dog into our busy lives, we reached out to a number of pet services. Larissa responded quickly and professionally – having as many questions for us as we did for her. We quickly learnt that Larissa wanted to ensure our family dog was treated as well as we wanted him handled. It was a perfect match… with her love for animals mixed with professionalism and flexibility.

As we consider a second dog in our lives, we do this knowing that Larissa will be a key component to making it all manageable… from the puppy stage all the way through to keeping a adult dog happy.

We are happy to answer any questions.