14 Aug

Larissa has taken care of my dogs for the past 15 years. First when she was the owner of Home Buddies where we boarded our dogs countless times. Next to help out with “pee breaks” during the day for my older dogs and for the past 4 years as a dog walker for Scout, my active Border Collie.

Most importantly, Scout adores Larissa. She takes him out with her pack three days a week, and Scout comes home stimulated and well-exercised. Scout has learned how to manage being in a pack and in close quarters with other dogs in the back of her truck. Border Collies have unique personalities and Larissa manages his quirks like a professional dog trainer. Scout is a better dog because of his time with Larissa. Larissa is punctual, reliable and trustworthy.

If Larissa has a spot for your dog in her schedule, grab it while you can. In my opinion, Larissa is the best dog walker in Etobicoke. I am a big walker, and I have seen many dog walkers in action. There is no comparison with Larissa, who is head and shoulders above the rest.