04 Sep

WE LOVE LARISSA!! That’s all we really need to say!!
Larissa has been walking Abby for 10 years. Abby runs to the door as soon as she hears the garage door go up or sees the truck pull into the driveway. Abby is well taken care of during her walks and we often get a written wellness note should Larissa notice something out of character with her. We love getting pictures of her during the walks too from time to time. Larissa is extremely reliable and takes her job seriously even in the extreme cold or heat. She is affectionate with Abby and is also accomodating with her scheduling. Larissa is very careful with her selection of dogs to walk making sure that the new dog will fit into the group, as well as making sure the other dogs will be safe too. Anyone who decides to bring Larissa into their pet’s life, has chosen well and will not be disappointed.